Sally is also one of the UK's top singing teachers and is a specialist Rock vocal coach. Sally runs Coaching With Soul, a busy studio in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire where she works with chart artistes from major record labels and private singers, inspiring and nurturing all contemporary voices without compromise - Rock, Pop, Soul and R&B.

Sally provides sessions for all standards of singers and especially industry professionals whose careers depend on expert guidance to get them through rigorous tours and hours in the studio.


Coaching With Soul also offer detailed vocal assessments, master classes, corporate voice training, voice training for teachers, studio coaching and producing, as well as highly acclaimed courses.


“Working with Sally is like having my own Mr Miyagi from the Karate kid! She sings from her soul and tells me in an almost psychic way exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. Sally gives me solid, intelligent and thought provoking instruction that works. I am a teacher and have never ever EVER met a teacher as completely in tune with her students' needs; no ego, no messing, just real results really fast. Sally has made me believe in my wildest dreams! - Nadine”

More excerpts from the Coaching With Soul Guest book, can be found at: www.coachingwithsoul.co.uk

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